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Pittsburgh Criminal Defense Attorney for PFA Violations

Criminal Defense - PFA Violations

Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders are civil orders that are intended to provide protection from harm from members of your household, family and / or persons with whom you have children. 

Although PFAs are civil orders, violation of them is a crime in Pennsylvania.  Furthermore, a charged PFA violation often comes with a host of other charges such as stalking, harassment and trespassing, to name a few.

Once a PFA is filed, the alleged victim can easily have criminal charges brought.  Unfortunately, this sometimes occurs when no actual violation has occurred.  Personal or vindictive motives can play a major role in these cases and it is important to be well represented anytime a violation is alleged.  Being found guilty of such an offense can have far reaching implications regarding, for example, having access to your children and family, your home and any lawfully owned firearms.  It can also have heavy financial consequences.

The Attorneys at AAAL have extensive experience with PFAs from both the perspective of the victim and the accused defendant.  Our office will vigorously defend against PFA violation charges and ensure that your rights are protected.

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